What are Some of the Most Common Applications for Drilling Rigs for Sale in Australia?

Construction crews can enjoy a wide range of benefits from drilling rigs for sale in Australia. This holds so much truth most especially under situations where the use of crane driven piling driving the machinery is posing them a great challenge. 

In a typical arrangement, the use of crane driven piling equipment is the primary choice among many different project managers. They are known to offer invaluable benefits because of their enormous sizes. 

Project managers need to brave up unique situations that put a limit to how these massive behemoths can be taken advantage of, and thus under extremely sticky situations, the only practical choice they have is to revert to available alternative options. 

Limited Adjacent Space

If you ask construction site managers what they consider as their sticky points or the most challenging aspect in their line of work, they would usually respond by getting assigned with projects that are in the middle of the bustling and densely populated areas, typical of which are metropolitan areas. 

If given the chance they would opt to go for a development site in an urban setting where big chunks of land are at a maximum.

Building constructions need to have an ample amount of space to help accommodate various needs. This need includes the space for the machinery that will be used in preparing the foundation of the site. 

Drill rigs offer us the ability to maneuver around and onto the job site itself. They are often considered as the practical and ideal alternative to cranes. 

Noise Threshold Limits

One thing that is constant with regard to construction work is that it is always going to be difficult and challenging. The stickiness of the situation would normally escalate to something even more difficult when something gets in the way that retards or delays the progress of work in the job site. 


There are job sites that veer away from the use of excessively loud pieces of machinery. Such construction projects that ban the use of pile driving diesel hammers are usually in close proximity to schools or hospitals. 

The reason behind this is because these pieces of machinery tend to generate a vibratory impact on the ground. 

Besides, they also create extremely loud noise while “hammering” the pile into the ground. The noise it produces creates a disturbance to neighboring structures and their occupants.  

Underground Cavities

The standard type of hammer pile driving machine is powerful enough to create a significant downward force in the job site and the area surrounding it. While the pile is driving deeper and deeper down into the earth, the vibrations that it creates can be nothing but deleterious to naturally existing cavities such as sinkholes and underground rivers. 

They exist without creating any kind of concern that will impact the surface, however, there runs the risk of being compromised due to the massive blows to the ground in close proximity.  

Renovation or Remodelling of Existing Structures

Immense diesel hammer pile drivers and cranes can’t have a way of accessing the basement area of an existing structure without becoming too expensive. 

Smaller types or variants of drilling rigs for sale in Australia makes it possible to be maneuvered easily into confined spaces. These kinds of drill rigs often come with rubber tracks. 

They also come with detached energy sources to mitigate possible damage to existing slabs as well as alleviating the amount of air pollution right inside the structure or building.