The Main Causes of Hair Loss in Women

Don’t ever think that hair loss in women as some kind of laughing matter. Hair loss in women, as it is in men, is a serious concern to the affected individual. In the case of women, it is more distressing for them to see copious strands of their remaining on their brush.

The reason why it is emotionally tough for women to see their hair dwindling is the fact that they associate it with their confidence. The thicker, more lustrous and silky their hair is, the more confident they are about themselves.

Notice how women are more confident and beaming with themselves if they know that they have a full-bodied crowning glory on their head. Women who knows how to thicken hair naturally are lucky to have found the secret.

Thinning hair in women can shake-up their self-esteem because hair loss will make them look less attractive, less pleasing to the eyes of the world. For women who are afflicted by this must know and understand why their hair loss is happening and if there are ways they could reverse it.


Regardless if the nature of your daily stress is brought about by the demands of your job or if your relationship is on the rocks and that is giving you so much stress, it will eventually take its toll on your hair.

The more stressed you are, the higher are the chances that your testosterone levels would also increase. With this happening, it can put your hair growth cycle on the line.

What to do

Make some time for your self and self-care. Everything you know that can help you relax and chill, do it. Release your stress in whatever way you know. The operative word here is to destress yourself. Your hair loss is likely to stay for as long as you remain under the pangs of stress.

thicker hair during pregnancy
thicker hair during pregnancy

Giving Birth

During pregnancy, you may notice your hair having more luster. It seems to have more vibrancy than ever before. Fact is, women’s hair at their best shape during pregnancy. This can be attributed to the increased surge of estrogen in their bodies. But this would go back to normal levels again after giving birth. Thus, thinning of hair volume may occur. However, there is no need to be alarmed if it falls out sometime after giving birth.

Almost half the population of women today suffer from postpartum hair loss. This type of hair loss can be attributed to the hormonal imbalance that occurs right after pregnancy or after giving birth.

What to do

There is nothing you should do here. You just need to allow time to run its course. Doing so will eventually allow your hormones to get back to its normal levels again. The use of a hair growth product would be most recommended should you want to have a faster recovery process.  But as stated, this type of hair loss is only temporary.


This is an abnormal condition of the blood in which the human body is rendered as having a severe deficiency in iron. This signifies that it may not have enough amount of red blood cells which takes charge of carrying and distributing oxygen to the different areas of the body.

However, female hair loss is not the sole symptom you should watch out for. Hair loss may be accompanied by severe weakness, fatigue, and sometimes even headaches, too.  

What to do

You may want to reach out to your trusted licensed physician for this. Only a reliable medical professional can help you on this, by carrying out blood tests for you. Such a procedure would be vital in determining as to whether you are suffering from anemia or whatnot.

If in case you have reached your menopausal years, having a daily supplement of iron will help your body reach the ideal daily iron intake of 18 mg.

Tight Ponytails

athletes in tight ponytail

Wearing your shoulder length hair in a ponytail could be the quickest way to keep it off your face. However, if you will often have it too taut, that could induce stress on your hair follicles. Eventually, this can lead to a condition known as traction alopecia.

This is most common in African women, who by tradition, wear their hair in tight ponytails. It is also commonly observed in athletes who wear their hair in a ponytail every single day.  

What to do

Loosen up your hair. As much as possible, try to put a limit on how often you would wear your hair in a tied-up style. Abandoning this advice and wearing your hair in a ponytail all them  would eventually run the risk of putting your hair follicles on the line. Wearing your hair in a ponytail for a very long time will cause permanent damage to the follicles and thus keep it from growing back.