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The Basics in Catering Equipment Repairs and Maintenance

Your cooking tools are probably the essential point inside your dining establishment. One unexpected failing could destroy an eventful supper solution. Even more, a kitchen area fire can put you sedentary for days and even weeks.

To maintain the equipment and keep the business operational, complying with five factors are among the essential regular upkeep needs in the kitchen. The very best techniques are listed here.

commercial kitchen

Standard Catering Equipment Repairs and Upkeep Requirements

1. Duct and Air Vent Hood Cleaning

To get rid of oil accumulated from grease-laden vapors, the air vent hood, and air duct need to be cleaned up by a capable contractor at the very least once in six months. A professional hood cleaning service should do this service. Such a solution might require it to be done more regularly, but every 6 months is for most commercial kitchen areas. In between resolution dates, the team could wipe down the parts of the hood to a minimum to keep it clean.

2. Grease Filter Cleansing

Oil filters gather grease as grease-laden vapors move up right to the hood, lowering the grease that takes a trip straight into the air duct. Although this is wonderful in enhancing the amount of time, it indicates that the oil filters should be cleaned on a regular basis.

A common oil filter cleaning interval is once every week, yet they might be done frequently if you do hefty oil cooking. Many restaurants clean up the filters every night. This is a superb method to decrease fire dangers.

3. Deep Fryer Evaluation

A deep fat fryer is among the best fire hazards in the majority of industrial cooking zones. The deep fat fryer needs to be cleaned and kept in accordance with the maker’s referrals, which includes regular cleaning of the cupboard by your personnel. Similarly, the fryer needs to be checked by a professional business food preparation appliance professional a minimum of every twelve months when the unit has been in solution for five years. An inspection includes items that are hard to reach and might be possibly harmful to inexperienced employees.

service maintenance

4. Floor Upkeep

Most people don’t consider their kitchen area flooring as part of the equipment; however, it is the apparatus that gets extra routine use than other parts of the cooking area. Inappropriate flooring treatment can lead to a slip and autumn that could bring your kitchen’s performance to a halt or leave you short-staffed, and cut into the bottom line. Floors ought to be cleaned up routinely with an excellent cleaner developed for industrial kitchen floorings.

In an industrial kitchen area, catering equipment repairs are a must to keep them on top working to ensure food quality and consistency. It is important for the company. Because of this, ensuring you have the ideal kitchen area equipment in place, which is looked after correctly, is essential.

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What do You need to Know About Adjustable Beds and Their Health Promoting Benefits?

While a sufficient amount of sleep is important to reach one’s optimal health and well-being, human health experts believe that too little or too much sleep can set the stage for an impaired attention span, a higher risk of heart disease, and increased possibility to become obese or underweight, as well as contributing to accelerating the progression of many diseases, so it is believed to assist with weight management.

Despite its importance to human health and well-being, several reports indicate that the majority of people today fall short of seven to nine hours of nightly sleep. Fortunately, the solution to this growing concern can be resolved by altering the sleeping environment with the help of an adjustable bed.

adjustable bed

Commercial-grade adjustable or reclining beds are based on the designs that hospitals, clinics,  and other similar health care facilities have used to provide patients and the elderly with the kind of support, convenience, and therapeutic sleep they need to get well. 

Adjustable or reclining bed use is becoming extremely prevalent these days, to the point of becoming a fad already,  since they’re now commercially available. However, it is crucial to know that there are a handful of considerations to make before buying an adjustable or reclining bed. Here are some of the points you need to take into account before buying anything. 

Any Modern Mattress Will Work with Them

An adjustable or reclining bed consists of two parts: an adjustable base and a mattress. This type of bed doesn’t even need a different box spring to adjust the height. Almost all contemporary mattresses can be easily installed in their adjustable base. There are also a few models and makes that are better suited for it.

If you want to buy an adjustable type of bed, you should think about whether you want it to have a split-top construction. This makes it possible to adjust both sides of the bed so it can accommodate different sleeping needs and positions. An adjustable/reclining bed with split top functionality requires the use of 2 separate mattresses and 2 separate fitted sheets.

Relieves Chronic Back Pain

One of the most compelling reasons why many people today choose a bed that can be adjusted over the traditional type is their need to alleviate their back pains. Experts estimate that around 80% of the population will complain about back pain at some point in their lives. 

Many working professionals in developed countries admit to experiencing severe back pain symptoms each year. This incident works to the disadvantage of their national economy because it resulted in more than hundreds of thousands of missed workdays.

Adjustable or reclining beds help relieve discomfort and pain in the body by giving users a chance to personalize their sleeping positions.

Sleeping with your back raised a tad with proper support on the knees (known as the “zero gravity position) will significantly help in alleviating joint and spine compression. It will reduce back pain as a result, and thus users will increase their chances of enjoying a good night’s sleep. 

It is not uncommon for an adjustable bed to lift and lower the head and foot portions, but you may come across reclining bed models and makes that may even have the lumbar region adjusted separately. With such usability features, neck and shoulder pain can be mitigated. 

Helps People with Sleep Disorder (Sleep Apnea and Snoring)

sleeping habit

Experts estimate that about 30 to 40% of adults suffer from snoring. It is a symptom of the more severe sleep apnea, which causes the person to briefly stop breathing while asleep.

Research suggests that snoring may be a sign of obstructive sleep apnea, which has been found to affect between 20% and 40% of people with snoring issues. Besides, it is also associated with a heightened risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, and heart attacks.

When you alter your bed’s elevation, positioning your back, neck and, of course, the head a little higher will enhance your breathing rhythm and thus hold back chances of snoring. By raising your head a little during sleep, obstructive sleep apnea and snoring can be relieved. 

Adjustable/Reclining Beds 

Fluid accumulation in the knees, ankles, ankles, and feet is common among people with poor blood circulation. People who stand for long periods at work, pregnant women, and individuals with the degenerative disease ALS  (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.) are all at risk. 

Allowing fluids and blood to pool and collect in the lower body while lying flat lays the foundation for varicose veins, inflammation, swelling, and pain. 

Raising the legs a tad higher than the level of the heart will significantly help mitigate this kind of swelling and thus enhance circulation in the extremities. Adjustable beds can help in this regard by relieving leg pressure and improving blood circulation in that part of the human body. 

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Eco Tiles: The Healthy Way to Go

Choosing the tile floor in the home is not just about looks. For numerous house owners, floor tile is the better and balanced way to choose. Whether you are aiming to boost or market your house, ceramic tile is considered to be the safest, most beneficial, most environmentally friendly floor covering option. However, below are the reasons why ceramic tile being the healthy method to go when selecting brand-new flooring for the home.

Eco Tiles Benefits

1. Bacteria and Dust Resistance

business establishment

Tile does not soak up dust or even collect germs. Its non-permeable exterior is likewise impervious to mildew and mold. As a result, ceramic tile will not add to the scatter of airborne pathogens that causes superior air condition and a much healthier house. It is also the floor covering selection for those spots where sanitary problems must be kept.

2. Hypoallergenic Qualities

As a result of its resistant surface area, floor tile is the best floor covering option for homeowners struggling with asthma or allergies. It is dust-resistant, and its chemical-free properties create hypoallergenic flooring. Generally, opt for ceramic tile in your house, and the allergic reaction victims will undoubtedly thank you.

3. Cleansing is Easy

Eco tiles are among the most suitable materials to preserve. Any dirt fragments, allergens, and dirt that fall on your floor tile’s surface area can be rubbed out simply with a mop or sponge. In addition, given that floor tile does not soak up dust or spills, it is likewise resistant to discolorations. Therefore, your lovely new flooring would remain clean and maintain its initial color.

4. No Formaldehyde, PVCs, or VOCs

You desire your floorings to be free from damaging chemicals as feasible. Fortunately, ceramic tile does not have any hazardous chemicals or products that may cause primary clinical conditions. This consists of formaldehyde, unpredictable organic substances, and polyvinyl chlorides.

co-working space

Why do you need to prevent these and other substances in the flooring? Firstly, it refers to health and wellness. Formaldehyde, located in several different sorts of flooring, could cause breathing disorders, particularly among youngsters and seniors. And contact to VOCs could bring about what experts call “Sick Structure Disorder,” which can create headaches, eye and throat irritability, and nausea. While PVCs found in some vinyl floor covering, contain chemicals understood to be carcinogenic.

Tile flooring is total without these substances, which indicates far better as well as safer air for the household.

5. Security First

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are amongst the safest floor covering options you could set up in the home. Floor tile is both fire and moisture-resistant. Likewise, many tile items are made with a somewhat harsh glaze, making them slip-resistant.

6. Helpful for the Atmosphere

In addition to its wellness benefits, ceramic tile is additionally great for the atmosphere. Today’s floor tile products are free of VOC, and lots of choices have been recycled and locally produced materials, making the product incredibly green. Moreover, porcelain and ceramic tiles have a dramatically long life span.


What are Some of the Most Common Applications for Drilling Rigs for Sale in Australia?

Construction crews can enjoy a wide range of benefits from drilling rigs for sale in Australia. This holds so much truth most especially under situations where the use of crane driven piling driving the machinery is posing them a great challenge. 

In a typical arrangement, the use of crane driven piling equipment is the primary choice among many different project managers. They are known to offer invaluable benefits because of their enormous sizes. 

Project managers need to brave up unique situations that put a limit to how these massive behemoths can be taken advantage of, and thus under extremely sticky situations, the only practical choice they have is to revert to available alternative options. 

Limited Adjacent Space

If you ask construction site managers what they consider as their sticky points or the most challenging aspect in their line of work, they would usually respond by getting assigned with projects that are in the middle of the bustling and densely populated areas, typical of which are metropolitan areas. 

If given the chance they would opt to go for a development site in an urban setting where big chunks of land are at a maximum.

Building constructions need to have an ample amount of space to help accommodate various needs. This need includes the space for the machinery that will be used in preparing the foundation of the site. 

Drill rigs offer us the ability to maneuver around and onto the job site itself. They are often considered as the practical and ideal alternative to cranes. 

Noise Threshold Limits

One thing that is constant with regard to construction work is that it is always going to be difficult and challenging. The stickiness of the situation would normally escalate to something even more difficult when something gets in the way that retards or delays the progress of work in the job site. 


There are job sites that veer away from the use of excessively loud pieces of machinery. Such construction projects that ban the use of pile driving diesel hammers are usually in close proximity to schools or hospitals. 

The reason behind this is because these pieces of machinery tend to generate a vibratory impact on the ground. 

Besides, they also create extremely loud noise while “hammering” the pile into the ground. The noise it produces creates a disturbance to neighboring structures and their occupants.  

Underground Cavities

The standard type of hammer pile driving machine is powerful enough to create a significant downward force in the job site and the area surrounding it. While the pile is driving deeper and deeper down into the earth, the vibrations that it creates can be nothing but deleterious to naturally existing cavities such as sinkholes and underground rivers. 

They exist without creating any kind of concern that will impact the surface, however, there runs the risk of being compromised due to the massive blows to the ground in close proximity.  

Renovation or Remodelling of Existing Structures

Immense diesel hammer pile drivers and cranes can’t have a way of accessing the basement area of an existing structure without becoming too expensive. 

Smaller types or variants of drilling rigs for sale in Australia makes it possible to be maneuvered easily into confined spaces. These kinds of drill rigs often come with rubber tracks. 

They also come with detached energy sources to mitigate possible damage to existing slabs as well as alleviating the amount of air pollution right inside the structure or building.  


Ways to Maintain Your Spill Kits

Your very first defense versus spills in the workplace is a spill kit. It aids you to supply a quick and straight response to general or hazardous fluid spills. Choosing the right spill package for your office aids include potentially unsafe discharges from escalating right into a significant spill with a devastating ecological influence.

Like the various other security tools in your office, spill packages need regular upkeep checks to ensure they await instant usage.

Spill Kits Maintenance

General Maintenance Facts

The primary step is to train your workers just how to preserve your business’s spill packages appropriately. You may want to ask a customer service group concerning fundamental, intermediate, and sophisticated spill feedback training courses that include lessons on spill package maintenance.

oil spill environment

As soon as your personnel recognizes spill kit upkeep, the following step includes regular checks to your company’s total maintenance routine. Sector criteria advise that kits are checked at the very least every three months. Nevertheless, risky locations such as mines as well as power plants will need more regular checks.

Spill Package Maintenance Treatments

When conducting spill set maintenance, examine the contents against a web content listing; standard materials should consist of a guideline card, safety equipment, absorbents, and waste disposal bags. Check that the materials remain in good working condition, within their use-by day, and without indications of wear and tear, especially absorbents and containment barriers. Change any open packages.

Likewise, check that all spill sets are kept in a quickly accessible location for instant action to a spillage.

Selecting the Right One

Spill kits consist of three different absorbent kinds, general-purpose, oil only, and chemical. With a massive diversity and selection of chemicals used in the workplace today, you must have the appropriate sorbent for the ideal spill. Not matching the suitable sorbent with the right chemical can be dangerous and expensive.

credit to: Global News

General Purpose

General-purpose absorbents appropriate for the clean-up of a lot of fluids used in manufacturing facilities and workshops except highly hostile chemicals general-purpose sorbents have the advantage of having the ability to soak up water or water-based liquids. These can help absorb water-based paints, coolants, spills, leakages, or drips of water from machinery, or thoroughly cleaning up water from a dripping roofing system or a swamped floor. General sorbents are an excellent selection as a day-to-day sorbent when you might not know what fluid you will need to clean-up.


Oil-only absorbents are unique as they can take in hydrocarbons (oils) while fending off the water. This makes these sorbents suitable for aquatic atmospheres, lakes, and dams, or if you are attempting to clean hydrocarbons in the rainfall (creates an economical option where you see the need to soak only the oil rather than filling the sorbents up with unwanted rain or water). Oil-only sorbents are widely used in auto mechanic or machinery workshops today as they have the requirement to soak up oils. These absorbents are an excellent difference from General Practitioner if you recognize you will only require picking up hydrocarbons.


Chemical sorbents are perfect for unsafe fluid clean-up in labs or offices with hostile chemicals. They can be made use of a variety of chemicals, including hydrofluoric acids. Chemical sorbents will saturate oils and water-based liquids, yet it might be overkill if you do not save chemicals onsite. The added polymer permits it to endure overly aggressive chemicals and makes it ideal if you are keeping, moving, or using corrosive chemicals.

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3D Printer Brisbane: Common Applications in Healthcare

The clinical sector is the most sophisticated in how new therapies and procedures have been created. As well as the modern tools that drive all this ahead. There has been no shortage of miracles, and that continues to occur. Now, 3D printing in health care is coming, too.

Among how the clinical market has been enhanced and improved is using 3D printers. Three-dimensional printing in medical care makes it feasible for physicians to supply people with a new type of treatment in various means. 3D printing is utilized to develop new surgical drills and cutting overviews, prosthetics, and the formation of patient-specific reproductions of organs, bones, and blood vessels.

Current advancements of 3D printing in medical care have brought about lighter, healthier, and more secure items, reduced lead times, and lower expenses. Personalized components can be customized to every individual. This boosts individuals’ understanding by medical experts and enhances client convenience degrees by permitting communication with products designed specifically for their makeup.

Usual Applications of 3D Printer Brisbane in Healthcare


While the emphasis has been on 3D printing medical gadgets and implants gadgets made use of by individuals, among the largest application areas is the construction of anatomical replicas. Physicians are currently using designs produced by a 3D printer Brisbane from individual scan information to improve the analysis of ailments, clear up therapy decisions, strategy, and, in many cases, even practice picking surgical treatments in advance of the actual treatments.

The models enable medical professionals to understand individual composition that is hard to envision, especially when utilizing minimally invasive strategies. Models additionally assist in specifically sizing clinical devices. Doctors could also use the versions to describe a forthcoming medical process to patients and their families and connect the surgical methods to their associates.

Surgical Tools

Doctors make use of devices to assist in a surgical procedure. These were traditionally constructed from titanium or lightweight aluminum. With 3D printing in medical care, physicians can produce tools that precisely adhere to a person’s distinct anatomy. 3D published tools are utilized to make the positioning of restorative therapies (screws, plates, and implants) a lot more precise, leading to far better postoperative findings. The FDM 3D printing modern technology is ideal for repetitive, low-cost prototyping to optimize a tool’s layout.


Substitute or changes could be time consuming and pricey. Since prosthetics are such personal things, each one must be custom-made or fit to the wearer’s requirements. 3D printing altered all this and is currently regularly to create individual specific prosthetics components that match completely with the user’s makeup.

Indeed, technology keeps on improving and the good news is, the healthcare industry is greatly benefiting from such technologies.

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What We Need to Know About Geothermal Drilling Rigs?

To see to it that the use of a large number of geotechnical construction techniques is successful, it’s a must to have efficient and safe drilling of boreholes regardless of the existing ground conditions you may be working on. Things can go for the worse if you will make use of inappropriate methods and means or the wrong kind of geothermal drilling rigs, particularly the structural conditions of ground properties by which the construction method is intending to address or rectify. 

There are a handful of specialty geotechnical construction processes that necessitates hole drilling via rock or overburden. Such construction processes include anchoring, grouting, soil nailing, micro piling, and ground freezing. Typically, these holes come in 3 to 12 inches in diameter. It is also very scarce to find them come more than 200 feet deep. 

platform rig

These holes would also vary in their inclination. Some are vertically upwards while others would be seen as vertically downwards. Most holes would be seen in freezing, micro piling, and grouting within 30 degrees of vertical. While rock masses are naturally variable with respect to their structure, overburden, and strength – coming from the drilling point of view – this would usually present far greater difficulties and challenges to any drilling contractor. 

Overburden is often seen as a non-lithified material.  Nature itself forms or deposits them. There are instances also that humans create them. These materials could range from loose and soft down to something hard and dense. They can also come as something dry or saturated. 

Overburdens can also contain artificial or atypical horizons or inclusions. This scenario may present a problem in terms of ground penetration. For instance, deep foundations in soils or boulders as well as shallow fill foundations and utility trenches. These conditions will be presenting the contractor with a good amount of challenge to work on, who obviously for financial reasons, are much more interested in drilling the needed holes as quickly as possible. 

However, specific projects may necessitate performance requirements or significant restrictions.

Drilling systems are effective when they can deliver straight and continuous penetration in different kinds of ground soil. This ground soil being worked on could range from something extremely hard to something very soft.  

It is also of utmost importance that your geothermal drilling rigs can provide you with a constant diameter from which the drilling debris can be taken. Most of the time this is consistent with what is required by the specialty construction process that it is serving. They will make use of the right amounts of rotary speed, thrust, torque, and percussive effort to reach their target in the most possible economical way. 

Also, drilling rigs should be enhancing the level of efficiency of the used flushing medium. As for the ground conditions, it should determine the cost notwithstanding, even if regional experience and historical bias will have a strong impact on the choice. The technique to be used can be identified by the application.  

It is also crucial that the method you will employ is aligned with the current existing project environmental restraints such as vibrations, noise, flush control, and disposal.  The hole itself should be utilized only for the purpose it is intended to be used on, like the anchor tendon installation,  as soon as possible right after drilling work is done. This measure will help in minimizing any time-dependent factors that induce deterioration of its walls. 

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How to Tell If Moving to Resin 3D Printing Sydney Makes Sense?

The resin-based 3D printing Sydney industry is utilizing digital light processing techniques or DLP, although stereolithography or SLA is increasingly becoming more common, too. More importantly, it is getting cheaper by the day, making it a more practical option for many industries and businesses alike. 

The aesthetic side of resin prints is most of the time fantastic, hence they have gained good traction in almost every industry and became an in-demand option for industrial printing. So, when is it the right thing for us to say that moving to these cheap resin 3D printing machines make sense? To get to the bottom of this question, we need to ponder on the following points: 

The output or the work done by 3D resin printers, alongside the printing process itself, is not at all comparable to the filament-type printing systems. Some important aspects such as pre-processing work, design considerations, and the post-processing side are all very distinct from each other. 

Resin 3D printing takes on a different workflow instead. It brings along some consumables and hidden costs that are beyond the resin refills cost. Things may not be like how they used to be where FDM or fused deposition modeling printers were a couple of years ago at a time that we were so astounded with the quality that one printer could bring for about $200. Without a doubt, this is now far more accessible to every one of us than ever before. 

3D resin printing will make sense when you have any of the following conditions. 

  • Build volume will likely constrict you to work only on relatively small-sized objects. 
  • Handling, preparation, and maintenance can be shambolic of sorts. It may even necessitate you to make use of gloves. And since some resin exudes fumes, proper and good ventilation in your workspace is a must. 
  • Consumables are not confined to just alcohol (to be used for part washing) and the resin. The tank build surface needs to have a replacement from time to time. If you are doing it out of passion or hobby, it is a thin plastic film very much comparable to that of the skin of a drum. 
  • The resin setup and cleanup work must be carried out no matter what the size of the project is. It is pretty much more practical to carry out your 3D printing jobs in batches as opposed to just one-offs, which most of the time are few and far between. 
  • One downside to resin material is they tend to have a shorter or limited amount of shelf life. So, therefore, if you are planning to make a stock of your resin in your build tank, never think of doing so. Otherwise, you are running the risk of having it expire on you. Therefore, you need to consume it sooner rather than at a later time. 
  • Resin printing comes with a higher post-processing load. This comes in the form of additional curing work, part washing, and support removal.  

They all signify that resin printing comes with several hidden costs beyond the price of a bottle of resin and the 3D printing Sydney machine itself. If you don’t find them as something you should object to and you think they are pretty much acceptable for you, then there is nothing to stop you from taking advantage of the economic gains that come with desktop resin printing. 

You can commence your experimenting as soon as you want. Since the resulting prints are likely going to come out well, the odds that they will look awesome is high. 

Just bear this thing in mind. There is no chance that your filament-based printer machine should be taking the place of your resin printer or vice versa. Both printing systems are distinct from each other, therefore they are good at different things.  

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Flammable liquid cabinet: Your Safety Solution

Heavy-duty security storage cabinets are considered to be the very first type of protection against fires, contamination, and spills. As the name indicates, these cabinets’ safely’ shop dangerous chemicals, flammables, and corrosives. You will find numerous regulations around secure storage.

Storage cabinets provide a safe, EPA friendly method for storing potentially dangerous chemical substances. This includes combustibles, corrosives, flammables, and pesticides. Instead of leaving these products out- vulnerable to mishaps – always store them in a safe cabinet.

hazmat suit

Unlike regular versions, professional-class storage devices can withstand force, heat, and pressure. This guarantees that they could guard the substance contents you intend to store inside.

However, with different types of flammable liquid cabinet available today, how can you tell which person to choose? Right here, we outline several vital elements to think about prior to having the investment. Utilize this as your guide as you choose the cabinet that is ideal for the needs.

Options for Flammable Liquid Cabinet

Flammable Storage

Flammable liquid storage space cabinets must have an 18-gauge steel structure for optimum fire resistance. These generally are yellowish. Various explosive cabinet size and composition choices are obtainable, from four to ninety-gallon capacity. Choose between the manual door or perhaps self-closing doors.

Ink and Paint Storage

This is the perfect resolution to home your combustible fluid as well as aerosol cans. The colors can either be yellow or red powder coat steel. They are available in several configurations and sizes, with or perhaps with no self-closing doors. Adaptable level shelves help optimize space and set up ink sales or maybe paint cans. On the other hand, in places with moisture worries, choose a tower medicine cabinet with legs for much better ventilation.

Corrosives and Acid storage

Caustic and acid security cabinets provide better endurance to spills and chemical vapors. Made of sturdy steel or maybe polyethylene, these synthetic cabinets are generally pink. They are available in several sizes, including choices that fit beneath countertops, benchtops, and lab workbenches—select cabinets with poly building for ambitious sulfuric, hydrochloric, or nitric acids. Never shop nitric as well as sulfuric acid in the identical box unit.

Pesticide Storage

This type holds poisonous pesticides as well as insecticide chemicals. They are usually green and constructed using industrial steel with either self or manual closing doors. Corrosion-resistant polyethylene cabinets help maintain synthetic storage space cabinets in good form. This style safety drawer is an excellent choice for agricultural businesses storing synthetic poisons.

Drum storage

These cabinets are ideal for different thirty or maybe fifty-gallon flammable or perhaps dangerous materials. The standard color is yellowish for combustible hazard distinction. 

Choose between vertical or horizontal storage devices, with or perhaps with no self-closing doors.

Hazmat drum models include roller conveyors for quick material handling.

Which one should you pick?

The supplies utilized in the building of storage cabinets could change based on their planned chemical. Nevertheless, polyethylene and stainless steel are the most popular substances for professional-quality cabinets. These provide a better amount of power, long-lasting, and better durability. These attributes are crucial in storing potentially dangerous chemical substances.

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What is the Future of Drill Rig Companies?

The world today is now enjoying the service of around 270 offshore gas and oil drill rig companies. 

Most of them that hold their operations in shallower waters are run either by jack-up rigs or fixed rigs. On the other hand, those that are run in water that is at least 500 feet deep usually have subsea or floating rigs, instead. 

With respect to the history of a rig drilling industry, drilling and digging into the earth past its surface is undeniably a capital, labor, and energy-intensive activity. However, we are seeing now a silver lining on this as things are about to change. For instance, typical scenarios on land sites based on solar or wind to power rigs have now commenced to take off.

Drill rig companies that now operate in the Gulf of Mexico and the North Sea are manned by at least 50 to 200 people, depending on how big or small the rig is.

However, these numbers are anticipated to take a plunge with the impending application of artificial intelligence technology or A.I. since rig sites that are located in deep-sea waters are often the preserve of A.I.-run robots. These robots though are being manned by humans who are stationed in onshore control centers.

At present, the cost for offshore rigs would be averaging around US$650m. This amount is 20 times higher when compared to the land rig average cost. But rig design industrialization and production is likely going to pull down the costs in the coming years. 

Optimizing Efficiency with New Technology 

There is no other direction now for drilling but to become even more efficient. Cloud computing, in conjunction with big data analysis software, is creating beautiful changes to how we collect, analyze, and monitor collected drilling data. 

When it comes to obtaining balance in fluid pressures, and accurate measurement of hydraulic, mechanical, and engineering drilling data is crucial. They are also essentially important in optimizing the drilling process as well as for the maintenance of a safe operating environment. 

industrial drill

The Colorado School of Mines suggested that when 2050 comes our current used traditional drilling solutions will be replaced by chemical industrial lasers. Right now, we have to take major strides before this technology could even become commercially competitive with traditional drilling methods. 

Certainly, drill rig companies working in fields that currently have a yield of less than 10% can significantly improve by implementing the use of lasers.  

As of this writing Total’s Alwyn platform is being tested out by AI-enabled robots. These AI-equipped robots are sophisticated in terms of technology they use. 

They are also equipped with sensors that will allow them to understand whatever it is that is transpiring to their immediate environment, whereas algorithms will make it possible for them to act, plan and interact with their environment and with humans. 

As for other robots, they carry out visual inspections. They can also identify leaks in gas as part of the US$47.5m ORCA program or Offshore Robotics for Certification of Assets.

The said program is geared towards the development of autonomous and semi-autonomous robots (AI-enabled) that can repair, inspect, and certify and maintain offshore-energy facilities. In the not so distant future, this is likely to become the norm, the new standard.  

But right now, the prospect of having an offshore industry that is fully automated is such a big risk, because artificial intelligence is practically still in its infancy stage. Much like how Phillips puts it, “AI learning is an imposing challenge, especially when the unfolding of relevant events is unpredictable or undeterminable.